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You can upload files through FTP even when your domain is under propagation. You need to use server IP ADDRESS instead of [] as HOST NAME. CONFIGURATION WHEN DOMAIN UNDER PROPAGATION: For example :  HOST NAME : USER ID : username PASSWORD : your hosting domain password After you login to your FTP account make sure that you upl...
The most common problem when your password is rejected is that you are either: a.) Using the wrong password b.) Using a password with invalid characters. c.) Using an incorrect username d.) Using the wrong hostname
BEFORE CONNECTION YOU NEED TO CONFIGURE YOUR FTP CLIENT SOFTWARE WITH FOLLOWING PROPERTIES. FTP HOST NAME: Your hostname is FTP.YOURNAME.COM. USER ID: provide your User ID mentioned in your Welcome Email. PASSWORD: provide your password mentioned in your Welcome Email.
You should upload your html files in the PUBLIC_HTML Directory. This is the only directory in your web server that is viewable on the internet. You already have an INDEX.HTML page in your PUBLIC_HTML Directory as a place holder. Please replace it with your own INDEX.HTML or INDEX.HTM page.
ASCII and BINARY are _MODES _by which you transfer your files into your web server. Text files and other common files like your html pages, CGI Scripts,PHP scripts, Javascripts, css files, should be uploaded in ASCII MODE. Images like your GIF'S and JPEG'S are uploaded in BINARY MODE.
Your default filename is INDEX.HTML or INDEX.HTM page. So you can lookup your site instead of typing the whole WWW.YOURNAME.COM/INDEX.HTML, you can just type WWW.YOURNAME.COM on your browser. However, if you developed sites using PHP or Perl you can use index.php or index.php3, index.cgi are also supported. Please make sure you DO NOT upload your homepage, INDEX.HTML or INDEX.HTM in uppercase ...
FTP (FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL ) is a client-server protocol, which allows a user on one computer to transfer files to and from another computer over a TCP/IP network. In other words - FTP is a simple and convenient way to get files uploaded and downloaded to and from your website. You need an FTP CLIENT, a small piece of software for uploading and downloading files from any remote computer.
The two most common, and easy to use FTP clients for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 are IPSwitch's WS_FTP PRO, Globalscape's CUTEFTP and SMARTFTP from You can download WS_FTP Pro at: [] and find an excellent tutorial on how to use it via their website at: [
A very widely used FTP client for the Mac OS is Fetch, located at: [] A great tutorial for this software can be found at: []
Apple iWeb is a template-based WYSIWYG website creation tool. Your iWeb program is designed by default to publish a site to your MobileMe account (formerly your .mac account). However, you do have the power to publish to another hosting company, like FastWebHost. If you have iWeb '09 (version 3.0) or later, follow these steps from the Mac on which you published your web site. To check which ...