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Yes. You will be able to access your domain address with or without the "www" in the front of the domain name. Example: [] or [] is acceptable, whichever you prefer.
We will supply you with all the information you need to set up your scripts on our servers. However, due to the large number of scripts, we cannot know or be familiar with every script there is. If you need help beyond basic settings and paths we can supply you with programming help at additional cost.
Yes. You can create unlimited POP3 email accounts under your plan resources.
Yes, we do allow all php based forums, however we do not allow cgi based forums like ikonboard etc. Recomended forums are phpbb,Vbulliten and Invision Board Please also see: []
Yes, we do allow legal MP3 sites as long as these sites stay within our Terms of Service [] limitations. Please see our terms and conditions for permissible and restricted content and account usage.
Yes. All our plans come with web based email which gives you the ability to check your email anywhere on the internet. We provide NEOMAIL and HORDE to access emails through browser.
At this time we are not offering any Windows-based hosting accounts since our system is Linux-based.
No we do not support ASP. Our servers are UNIX/Linux based and ASP is a Windows based component. Although there are various patches designed to run on UNIX/Linux we have found them to be unstable and resource intensive and not 100% compatible with Microsoft's implementation of ASP.
Sorry, we do not support JSP and ColdFusion at this time.
Yes, We love to host MySql DB based sites. We provide latest stable MySql version.
No, we do not offer TELNET and SSH access at this time due to security reasons.
Yes, every domain you host with will get a separate mail server. For Example: Your domain is [] Your POP server is : SMTP Server is :
YES, all our servers support the latest stable versions of PHP, MySQL and Perl. At FastWebHost you will get MySql Databases based on your plan and you can manage your Databases from phpMyadmin control panel.
No, we do not have support for ImageMagick at this time. However you can use PHP GD for image manipulations.
Usually, we never spontaneously shut down sites. We are fairly liberal when it comes to server usage as long as no one abuses it. If we find a script you are running is draining more than your fair share of the server's resources we will give you a warning and ask that you discontinue using it, or trim it down. If you are looking to run resource intensive scripts we suggest a dedicated server. ...
We do not support anonymous FTP at this time.
We have weekly backups to second hard drive in each server. Although we attempt to make sure your data is safe and take utmost care in everything we do, we still suggest each account holder keep their own backup on their own local drive. We do not guarantee the backups we have, to be free from error or, claim in every instance to be able to restore your account in full in case of loss of data. ...
Spamming and bulk e-mailing are not tolerated at any cost. Fastwebhost users that spam or bulk e-mail will immediately be removed from the network and are subject to a $100 fine.
Our servers are currently running APACHE Web server over LINUX (UNIX).
The following scripts are banned from use on our servers and may not be uploaded or run. Reasons for banning them include adverse effects on server load, invitations to hackers/spammers/criminal activity, etc. IRC egg drops Proxy servers Mail bombers Anonymous mailers IP spoofers Port scanners nph-proxy UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board, all versions) Ikonboard, Yabb (all versions) lstmrge.c...
FormMail.cgi, from Matt's Script Archive are banned because of security reasons. Spammers are known to spam using your formmail without your knowledge. You are free to use other formmail scripts like: BNBFORM.CGI See Here []
Due to security issue we are not allowing syslog() function in our shared server environment. Customer Getting Below Error : ============================== Warning: syslog() has been disabled for security reasons in Solution : You can disable the syslog module using the MySQL command line, run the following SELECT to look at the state of your data before the change. This will help you to fi...
There is a large amount of natural variation in the actual amount of crawling on any given day and ALSO variation in the accuracy of the data available for reporting in Webmaster Tools.You need to observe the figures over a period of weeks/months and establish whethe the figures are normal fluctuations or trends showing that things are getting worse over time.Note also that increased average downl...