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Tips to ensure your website’s security
Posted by RAJU K, Last modified by RAJU K on 14 September 2014 10:20 PM

Why should you have a secure website?

A secure website helps you to:

  1. Gain and maintain the trust of the users.
  2. Prevent online theft of your information or resources.
  3. To prevent your website from spyware and adware programs, viruses, and other attacks with malicious intent.
  4. To prevent hackers to easily take control of your website.

How can you secure your website?

  1. Regularly update the versions of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other scripts on your site. Update your antivirus, FTP Client Software and Website Updation Tools, since they are the simplest entry points into your website.
  2. Select long and alphanumeric characters as your passwords and use different ones for your banking info, email, your cPanel, and your FTP accounts. This increases the time required to crack them, from a few months, to a few years.
  3. Change your default passwords and update your old passwords regularly.
  4. Always keep a backup of the entire data of your website files as it can help you restoring your website in case of a problem.
  5. Remove all unwanted files and folders from the public_html directory. We noticed that 90% of hack attacks happen through files which the website owners had forgotten to delete from their account after testing and backups.
  6. Avoid using free unsupported scripts and programs. Just because you liked a certain menu on another website, putting it on your own site can have major repurcussions, since the code you are using is not known to you.
  7. Use CAPTCHA on all your forms.