What are my web site resource usage limits?
Posted by RAJU K, Last modified by Gangadhar G on 29 December 2017 04:22 AM

What are my website resource usage limits?

FastWebHost ensures that every website on shared hosting server receive a fair share of resources. Our VPS and Dedicated hosting include much more resources than a typical shared hosting services. Here are the limits.

CPU Limit
Each account includes 100% of CPU at least that it can burst to. If your account hits this limit, your website will slow down.

Memory Limit
Each account can use up to 1GB of virtual memory. If your account hits this limit, your website will show a 500 or 503 error message.

Entry Processes
We provide up to 25 concurrent connections to apache web server. You won't normally hit this limit unless you have poorly coded scripts that fail to execute properly. Your website will show a 508 page (Resource Limit Reached) if this limit is reached.

If you find your account is continuously hitting the resource limits and it is affecting the running of your website, please contact support to discuss options. We can assist with diagnosing any problematic scripts to help reduce usage or help you upgrading to a vps/dedicated environment.

Hitting the limits every now and again is fine -- it usually just indicates a small burst in traffic.